maybe soon. but twitcams are always so awkward and im not good at being entertaining im cry

omg the emperor’s new groove and new school is my all time favorite. but thank you so much child you’re too sweet and i loaf you xx

On her twitter, she is saying everything is a lie.

I don’t even care I just want Harry to love me.

wheat or italian bread

did you park your car

if you google this, you get the most random results you could imagine


this guy

at my school

i won’t say his name just in case

he’s so attractive i just

and he laughs at all my jokes

and ug

but he’s just so attractive he’s too many levels above me but at least we’re still friends. i talk to him everyday and we sit next to each other in class and stuff.

today he was hip thrusting

im cry

Naw man because if I find a guy attractive I immediately get all nervous and weird. It just aint happenin ova hur 

hey honey

do whatever your little heart desires 

penises are ugly anyway so you go girl